Quintus B is consulting entrepreneurs and managers in various industries. We‘re analysing, assessing, designing and implementing – depending on your specific need. When implementing we‘re also taking operational roles with our Outsourcing team. More information can be found in the Outsourcig section.

Our consulting focus is based on our personal operational experience. In our network we‘re partnering with specialists on other areas as well-


  • Corporate strategy and business model are the entrepreneurs responsibility together with the management team.
  • Acting as entrepreneurs for years, we know the pitfalls and guidelines that we share with you:
    • How to set targets in an insecure world?
    • How to define a strategy that has to adopt changing market and political environment constantly?
    • How to create an organization and processes that are agile?
    • How to develop a company culture these days?
    • How do we measure this?
    • How to implement a Chief Disruption Offer (CDO)
  • We’re defining the scope of our work with you once that we’ve listened, analyzed and watched you and your (and you in your) company


  • Innovation and technology are closely linked these days. Technology allows for new tools, but more often for radically new business models.
  • We‘re experienced in innovation tracking and support you in the following:
    • Assessing your product portfolios technology readiness
    • Assessing your organization, processes and tools with respect to innvation readiness
    • Bilateral Benchmarking & Networking with other companies
    • Digital Business Models and prerequisites
    • Innovation Roadmap and Experimentation Centre‘s
  • The individual focus will be worked out together based on your personal demand. We use our network to contact you with innovative companies and facilitate cross-company work and information exchange.


  • Corporations agility has become a crictical success factor. With shorter product lifecycles, with higher competition and transparancy in quality and pricing throiugh the Web, companies are required to analyse, assess and adapt quickly.
  • We help you with the following exemplary actions:
    • How agile are you, your management and your team?
    • How lean can you be?
    • What makes you agile? What do agile companies do?
    • How do others solve your problems? Visit people and talk.
    • What tools are required?
    • What is the role of personal and company learning?
    • How can change be monitored and measured in your benefit?
  • Agility is a key skill for companies in the upcoming decades. We’re working out skillsets together with you and partners in our network applying our own entrepreneurial experience.