Quintus B is investing into small and medium sized companies. Quintus B supports comapnies and entrepreneurs in the strategic direction setting. The exit is the focus in our investment branch.

Quintus B allows companies, entrepreneurs and employees to test the strategic fit of each other in the course of consulting and outsourcing projects. We actively want an exchange of people between the partner network as we‘re creating a lot of change impulses through this.

In our investment branch we focus on successor role, company sale and the new entrepreneur.


  • Finding a successor for your company is a critical task in the lifetime of your company. You are targeting to secure your financial security as an entrepreneur and at the same time the future and culture of a company.
  • We guide you in answering key questions:
    • What is the right timing?
    • Internal or external successor – who is the right candidate?
    • What happens to the company site and the employees?
    • What is the value of the company and how to finance the change on the companies top?
    • What is the role of the entrepreneur in the transition?
    • What does the role of the entrepreneur once the succssor is acting?
  • We‘re working out an individual roadmap refelecting your personal objectives and requirements.


  • As an entrepreneur your personal asssessment of the company‘s value is shaded from the sweat, blood and tears that went into the corporation.
  • Once you‘ve decided to sell shares or your company as a whole, the preparation of the exit is important (apart from the operational role most entrepreneurs hold).
  • We support you in working out clear guidelines, task lists and support you in the complete transaction process.
  • We take care of the following sample topics:
    • Share Deal or Asset deal, what is the right choice?
    • Collect data for an investor presentation
    • Identify, analyse and manage buyers
    • Support the Due Dilligence
    • Negotiation and deal closure


  • Managers who look to become an entrepreneur, invest into companies in a Management Buy-Out or Management Buy-in
  • As an entrepreneur you significantly profit from the success and the value creation of a company. At the same time, your responsibility for yourself, the company and the investors is substantial.
  • As an existing manager in the company we support you in buying shares in a company as a Management Buy-out (MBO).
  • Are you an experienced manager looking for the challenge to become an entrepreneur? Then we are interested to facilitate your Management Buy-in (MBI). In selective case we might become your partner in your MBI deal.