Welcome to Quintus B

  • As entrepreneurs we‘re defining standards and principles that we act upon. Working with us, you’re capitalizing on our experience in being an entrepreneur with day-to-day operational responsibilities. We’ve acted as a consultant to companies and investors, national and international.
  • We’re passionate about we do. We know that every situation is different and requires other means, we therefore question, listen and observe first before we act.
  • We’re an independent consultant with no obligation but to say the truth. We’re loyal to our target and don’t let personal loyalty stand in our way.
  • We’re creating tools that allow you to systematically analyze, assess and implement changes in your organization.
  • We at Quintus B act as entrepreneurial sparring’s partner, we’re the outsourced labor in day-to-day work and we’re the change agent when things are injected into your company.
  • We’re a personal office for the entrepreneur, used to facilitate strategic decision making and implementation.


  1. PASSION: We act with passion whatever we‘re engaged in. We don‘t accept mediocrity.
  2. TRUTH AND TRANSPARENCY: Say what you have to say and don‘t let loyalty stand in the way of the truth.
  3. MEANING: Make relationships and things matter. Care for the result and make it yours.
  4. AGILITY: We act fast and allow failures to happen. We evaluate constantly  and adapt – when wrong – quickly.
  5. CONFIDENCE: We disagree loud and understand that conflicts are an impulse for change.
  1. LEARNING: We listen and learn constantly. We embrace the Web technology for self learning.
  2. FOCUS: We set clear and measurable targets and achieve them regardless of the obstacles in between.
  3. LEADERSHIP: We‘re integer to our principles and lead the way applying them.
  4. TOOLING: Use technology, innovation and experience to grow and improve. Try things and own them.
  5. FUN: Last but not least, enjoiy what you do.